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Everybody needs good neighbours, and finding ways to celebrate and be a part of your community is a guaranteed route to resonate with local homeowners. It helps you create goodwill towards your estate agency and get yourself to the top

How would you feel if you had an automated lead generation system in place that required no effort from you and that worked 24/7 to grab the attention of every local homeowner? Believe it or not that's totally possible, and

"If only we had their stock". A friend of mine used to work in a competing agency to me, and his colleagues would often say this to him when they looked at our website. Why do some agents work so hard

What makes great customer service? And how can you elevate the experience of all your clients? In this episode, Paul & Jayne talk about the three phases of care that they used in their time together as agents and that all

This week's IRRESISTIBLE ESTATE AGENCY podcast is all about charisma. Every business needs a personality, but what does charisma mean when it comes to branding, marketing and people? Is it a natural trait? Or can it be learnt with authenticity? Join Jayne &

A client reminded me this week of something I said when hosting a webinar for ARLA Propertymark last year. It was about specialising. There’s a feeling in estate agency that specialising is limited to a few select areas of property: things

Are you a perfectionist? Would you say you suffer from it, or that you're proud of it?  I'm a total perfectionist, which can have incredible upsides around quality and imagination in the work I produce, but it can also have massive

Have you fallen behind with your social media? Perhaps you ran out of ideas, or you got really busy, or you gave up through a lack of response. Well, it happened to us too! As we started expanding, taking more people on

Quizzing the great Christopher Watkin around how he'd go about things if he were opening his own estate agency today. I always enjoy a chat with Chris and we went into a lot of detail here, so lots of useful stuff

I spoke with James Cocker of Social Property about Facebook advertising for estate agents. If you were born human you probably find the whole area of facebook ads scary, strange and mysterious, so I spoke to James to shed some much

I spoke to the irrepressibly positive Katie Griffin of Sawdye & Harris about running her estate agency from home during lockdown. Katie's company has three offices close to Dartmoor in Devon and we talked about everything from working at home with

How should estate agents behave while everyone is stuck at home? Should they encourage people to put their home up for sale, or is now the time to relate and connect? Can they support their local business community and lay

With an industry-average response rate of 1 or 2 per 10,000, flyers are one of the least effective estate agency marketing tools, yet estate agents are totally addicted to them. So this episode looks at how to engage with the