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It’s Valentines week, but love isn’t about just one day a year, and it isn’t just for courting couples.

Love is addictive. Everyone wants to feel it somehow, and not just for another person. Their home, neighbourhood, and community are all dear to everyone, and guess what type of business covers all that? Estate agency!

So let’s look at six ways you can show the love in your neighbourhood to win the hearts of local sellers and landlords.


Almost every estate agent’s website says they are passionate about property, but does that really ring true? How much passion is on show estate agents’ descriptions, photographs, marketing and viewings? Is estate agency famous for excelling in all these areas? Do other industries look to estate agency as a leading light? Not usually.

Most agents I ever competed against knew almost nothing about why their neighbourhood was there, who designed it, or why the streets had their names.

What a shame! Knowledge is free and utterly magnetic to landlords and sellers.

What could you tell your neighbours?


How much do you share the things you love about your neighbourhood on social media? Your favourite park, view, street, building, dog-walking route or running path?

Enthusiasm for your area is an irresistible quality among your neighbours: perhaps you share their love of a particular spot, or you can enlighten them about more of what’s nearby.

What can you share?


Along with many other people in your neighbourhood, you’re running a business. How often do you actively support other local businesses with shoutouts and recommendations? It’s so easy.

Take a coffee-shop selfie, snap a bakery owner, or capture a laughing landlord at your local pub. As well as being supportive and positive, you get to piggyback on their followings to increase awareness of your agency and create a reputation.

How many businesses could you feature?


Once you’ve won the charm offensive and won the listing, how loved do your landlords and sellers feel for the rest of the time you work with them?

What’s your guaranteed service standard around keeping in touch? Do you always meet it? Do you ever beat it? Are you blowing people’s socks off with your care and attention, or do they phone up wondering what’s going on?

Is there a way to up your game to leave everyone feeling loved?


Do you ever share what you love about your work? For me, it was getting out and about every day, exploring the neighbourhood, bumping into the neighbours, seeing beautiful homes and having copious cups of tea and biscuits. What a social, exciting and varied life it is to be an estate agent!

Do your neighbours know how much you love it? Mine did, and there was ZERO Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok. You have so many tools to make it easy to see how much you love what you do.

What lights you up the most?


Sharing your knowledge with everyone, whether or not they’re a client or a follower, is a fantastic way to make friends.

Posting in local Facebook groups to help your neighbours navigate the moving process, learn about the current market, avoid pitfalls and get the absolute top price for their homes is priceless in generating goodwill and awareness.

How could you do it? Well, how about posting something like: “In case you’re thinking of selling, but you’re frightened you won’t be able to find a home, our latest blog covers that very subject and is full of useful options”.

Or, “Are you worried that the Government’s Levelling Up white paper will ruin your buy-to-let business? Our latest article looks at what it really means for landlords”, then paste in the link to your blog.

Better still, post a short 30-second video introducing people to the article, and to you. Blogs are horribly squandered, yet they’re massively versatile and the gateway to real connection.

Would you like some help with your blog content to start showing your neighbours just how super you are? Book a call here and get a sensational Valentine’s Deal!