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There is no faster or more accurate way to reach local sellers and landlords than with Facebook ads.

Effectively flyers on steroids, you can target by age group, postcode and behaviour to ensure you reach the people you want to reach and got a fraction of the cost of traditional newspaper advertising.

You’ve probably noticed how difficult it is to get a decent organic reach to grow your following with your regular posts. That’s because Facebook is working against you and wants you to advertise, but Facebook Ads are a highly effective tool in reaching out to your neighbours and you can split test different versions of your ads within the same budget to see which works best, and then double down with your targeting using the best performing version.

Ads help you to reach the people you haven’t yet reached and to begin and build relationships with them through your posts, lead magnets, email nurture sequences and newsletters to stay in touch with useful, informative and insightful info and tips that impress and build respect and trust.

As a fast-track to awareness, there is no better medium.