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estate agent blog how to monetise your blog

How To Monetise Your Estate Agent Blog


“The blogs are brilliant, Paul, but how do we monetise them?”

It’s a smart question from a super switched-on estate agent who became a client last week, so today’s edition of The Weekly Nugget deals exclusively with answering it.

In short, don’t simply post your blog and wait: tell the world it’s there!

Estate agent blogs are the most versatile pieces of content you can produce, and the key to monetising them is repurposing your articles. Do that, and they’ll work day and night to get you found in multiple ways, five of which are listed below.

Group posts get massive reach on Facebook (far more than those from your estate agency’s page). So if you’re publishing useful estate agent content, post it into local groups. For even more traction, post the link in a comment on a popular post relevant to the blog’s subject. Remember: your post must be helpful to local people and NOT an announcement of your brilliance or latest listing.

The fastest way for estate and letting agents to reach local homeowners is with Facebook and Instagram ads and you can create them quickly and easily out of every blog. Use the title as your headline; add an excerpt of some text; paste in your catchy sub-headings, and upload an image. After you’ve set up your target audience that job is done for good, and you can have your ads up and running within about 15 minutes. Change them as you publish each new blog for increased visibility and reach.

A newsletter is so much more than a list of your latest instructions. To get more people to sign up, you need to give them an incentive. Tell them they’ll be the first to know when you publish a new article on making the most of their home and move, then either drop the whole blog into an email or include it as a story in your email newsletter.

Forget complicated addressing and merge fields, and ditch those awful letters about buyer databases and boasting. Send out something useful instead. For direct mail, long copy beats short copy, and your letter will be more of an event with the postman replaced by email. So get your blog onto paper, add some images and send in hand-written envelopes. Great for homes on with other agents, or simply in streets and buildings where you want more stock.

You can create a sexy cover using a free tool like Canva, then turn it into an e-book mockup using another free tool like diybookcovers. Then spread your blog over a few pages with a bunch of images, add the cover and save it as a PDF. Hey presto: one e-guide to add to your social media pages and website to grow your email list and demonstrate your expertise.

It’s the main reason why I make all my blogs for estate agents 1000+ words and divide them into multiple sections with their own images. It gives you WAY MORE POSSIBILITIES for repurposing. So if you’re writing short blogs, go deeper and longer to create more opportunities for yourself.

Don’t have a blog? Tut tut, but help is at hand!

There’s no need to write them all yourself, and you don’t even need to find the time to post them to your website or social media. With Constant Content, you can have all that done for you. Imagine how you’d feel if new blogs were published to your website and scheduled across your social media every week. Liberated? Confident? Proud? Relieved?

If you like the sound of that, why take a look at the Constant Content page? If your area is still available and you sign up now, you’ll get four backdated blogs to beef up your website AND the Social Media Supercharger – with 365 days of mapped-out content – absolutely free.