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estate agent blog try this health check for your marketing


It’s World Wellbeing Week, so let’s give all your printed and digital content a health check with these 7 quick tips.

A typical beginner’s mistake is leaving calls to action until the end of articles or missing them out altogether. Not every reader gets to the bottom, so drop an earlier call to action into the middle of your blog – or, if you’re really clever, nearer the top!

Pop in a REQUEST VALUATION button halfway down your newsletter so it becomes about getting new business. Make sure you include content that’s for local homeowners – don’t only use it for buyers.

Don’t have an email newsletter yet? Take a look at our designs.

Unlike old-fashioned newspaper advertising, you can split-test your Facebook ads with different pictures to see which performs best, then concentrate your budget on the ones that bring the best return.

If you’d like to know more about lead generation for your estate agency, book a call here.

If you’re sending letters to local homes, give the owners something they can use. Tell the story of a seller you rescued after months of no luck, or provide valuable tips on getting the best price and moving fast.

Add BIG pictures of gorgeous local homes to add extra credibility, and a personal photo to put a face to the words. Finally, avoid outdated tactics like “invitation to a free valuation” – be a generous superstar of value and knowledge.

Our clients use our blogs for canvassing letters, newsletter content and even to make property shows! Curious? Click here to find out if your area is still available.

Pick a single room of a new listing, say what you love about it and ask your followers how they would live in it.

As well as giving you multiple posts for every property, you can create engaging lifestyle connections instead of making a series of typical estate agent announcements.

So many posts say something like “look at me supporting a local business” and even forget to mention the business by name, with just an indulgent selfie and a self-congratulatory smile.

Be specific about the name of the business, tag it in your post and tell your followers exactly what you love about it.

Make it all about THEM!

Want to build a priceless email list of local homeowners to turn into clients?

Repurpose one or two of your blogs into a beautiful and useful e-guide to help homeowners get more money for their home, then run a Facebook ad targeting your chosen streets and offer a download in exchange for someone’s email address.

Then use an email nurture sequence to stay in touch every week, without doing a thing!

Love the sound of the above but not sure where to start? Book a call here, and let’s talk about taking your estate agency even higher!