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estate agent blog is your blog missing 92% of homeowners

Is your estate agent blog missing 92% of home owners?

Most estate agents use their website to target the big, headline-grabbing keywords in the hope of capturing the attention of potential clients. I’m sure your website is perfectly optimised to reach anyone searching for estate agents in your area, but that’s only useful when people are actually looking to move. And it’s a complete waste of the potential of your estate agent blog.

Everything in estate agency is about the next instruction. To have the greatest chance of winning the most new properties, you need to be in the minds of local homeowners BEFORE they think about moving.

92% of online searches are for keywords with less than 20 searches per month. That means people are looking around for a whole lot more in your neighbourhood than just estate agents. So how can you get to them early and without being annoying? Answer: your estate agent blog.

The trick is give people regular and useful information about your neighbourhood.. Think about the times someone wanders into your office asking for the post office, station, chemist, council office, car park or supermarket. You are a natural choice to be asked, and your estate agent blog is the perfect place for the answers.

So why not take this assumption that you are the font of local knowledge and use it your advantage? Local homeowners will be looking for all manner of things in your area, from schools and parks to cafes and shops to gyms, cinemas and everything in between. Not to mention, of course, advice on selling and letting property. Imagine if they kept landing on your website whenever they searched their neighbourhood.

Your estate agent blog enables you to wax lyrical about anything you like in your area. And the more you post, the more visible you become. Research what local people are looking for and write blogs that use those keywords. The market is telling you what your neighbours need. All you need to do is give them what they’re already asking for.