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estate agent blog stop posting new listings to your social media

Stop posting new listings to your social media

Facebook for estate agents is an incredible resource: the world’s biggest audience at your fingertips. So anyone liking your page must want to know about your latest instructions, right? Err, no.

What Facebook for estate agents ISN’T for

There is no evidence that people use social media to be constantly sold to. But Facebook is very clear that overly promotional posts and external links will be demoted in the rankings. By telling a homeowner that you’ll advertise their property on Facebook, you’re actually displaying a lack of knowledge in how Facebook works. You’re also creating posts that have a lower chance of success.

Yes, I know you think the pictures look nice and, hey, they probably do. But you are limiting your social media success by posting pictures of property for sale.

Buyers use Rightmove and Zoopla to search for property; not social media. But SELLERS and LANDLORDS will look at your Facebook page  when choosing which agents to call. Buyers and tenants only care about finding their perfect home, but homeowners will care very much about your company. What you do and who you are will be of immense interest, so that’s what to show them.

Here’s a little secret: sellers and landlords already know that you sell and rent properties. They also know you advertise them on your website and on Rightmove, so you’re doing yourself no favours by simply duplicating it on Facebook.

Use your Facebook page to attract homeowners

You should be using your Facebook page to sell the idea of using your estate agent to local homeowners. Forget buyers: if you have the right property, they will find you. There isn’t a buyer or tenant on the planet who is waiting for their perfect home to appear on Facebook. And because that person doesn’t exist, there’s no point advertising to them.

Facebook for estate agents is the best social media platform out there FOR ATTRACTING HOMEOWNERS. You can target local people, build a community, promote conversations and give your business a stronger identity than any other channel.

With every agent I work with, my only aim is to win them more instructions and more income. I don’t have buyers or tenants in mind because they really don’t matter. They will find their next home anyway.

Your Facebook page should demonstrate why you are an irresistible choice of estate agent for local landlords and sellers.  Show off your knowledge, success, talents, imagination and enthusiasm.

Just don’t make posts about your latest listings. They, in social media world, are not news.

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